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The Oracle Dome will be a cozy hangout space for divination of all forms -- tarot, astrology, I Ching, bibliomancy, tasseomancy, cartomancy, anythingyouwantomancy! Volunteer oracles will be available for one-on-one and group readings at designated times. Even when we aren't there, there will be guidebooks and materials for anyone to use who wants to learn and practice the divinatory arts.

The cards and books are free to use, but please do leave them in the room.

The Oracle Dome is located at Big Top Side Room 2

⬇ dome law ⬇

everyone can do divination

everything can be used as a tool for divination

the dome is always open

the dome is not a venue for debating spiritual beliefs

lean into the experience

handle your own and others' feelings with care

don't steal anything

respect the vibe

dome schedule

Room open virtually the whole time!

Individual Oracle times (subject to change)

Oracle times screenshot Oracle times screenshot

meet the oracles

slice picture


Hi, I'm slice! I offer 15-minute one-on-one tarot readings, maybe some 1-hour one-on-one readings, and Magic: the Gathering card pulls, along with a playful sense of humor and a curious ear.

🐦 @augurydefier
Dread Canary picture


Hello! I'm the DreadCanary! I offer 5 minute one-on-one, one question vision deck readings. You ask one question, I confirm that is your question, and tell you what I think the cards are telling me.

🐦 @DreadCanary
Pam image


Heyo frens I’m Pam, basically nerdy mom from Texas. I love Jesus and I have some spiritual gifting in dream interpretation, which I can easily teach you how to do. I also have a gift of being able to see talents and other good things in people which could be useful if you’re trying to choose a career or switch gears in life. Finally as an old person who has sought wisdom all my life, I would be willing to listen to your problems or questions and give you my thoughts and ideas, as well as much wholesome encouragement.

🐦 @pammalamma
Michelle image


I'm Michelle! I'm a complete divination noob but wanted to provide a secular offering; to provide you with an oblique strategy—a guiding principle or directive that may seem abstract at first but holds the potential to unlock innovative ideas and solutions. If desired, I'll also gently probe the context of your issue with my own intuition, to further help you along. Get unstuck in a problem or project and add a spark to your creative process!

🐦 @ruedaminute
dotquist image


Hi, you can call me Quisty. I use Tarot cards to help you reflect on the stories happening in your life. I offer some simple 3-card spreads, slightly more involved relationship spreads, and a 10-card spread. We can look at a specific question you have about a situation, or do a general vibecheck.

🐦 @quistydotquist
crystalxduan image


I'm a professional tarot reader and astrologer [currently deepening in my journey through the Hellenistic tradition]. Also can read oracle decks. Would love to jump in and make stuff digestible for the newbies at vibe camp!

🐦 @crystalxduan
Lavitz image


Good tidings! I offer 10-15 minutes of open space & guidance for you to inquire your subconscious/spirit through tarot, norse runes or I-Ching. I can also read the zodiacal configuration of your birth for illumination.

🐦 @LavitzStarlove

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